Holmes’ “The Disposable Woman:” What she said. And more.

If you think about this in the context of all the anti-woman legislation passing Congress and the state legislatures, is it really surprising that Charlie Sheen is valorized through ongoing popularity, one million + followers on twitter, and $1 million paychecks, rather than reviled and ostracized for the loser he is? We glorify abuse against women through continuing to pay this ass attention, and we codify the degradation of women into law when we take away women’s rights for full reproductive health care through so much of the legislation circulating this year. In short, Charlie Sheen is just one facet of our complex, cultural system that degrades and belittles women by denying us the respect to make our own decisions regarding our reproductive health. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: all these anti-woman measures, as seen in Sheen’s popularity and politicians’ misguided legislative agendas, are interconnected and represent just how little American society thinks about women in general. What makes me saddest are the women who buy into. But that’s another post.


One thought on “Holmes’ “The Disposable Woman:” What she said. And more.

  1. I agree Mary Anne! As for me, anytime he is brought up on TV, I change the channel immediately. And yes, I’ve commented on some of the media sites too, especially CNN. I’ve wondered for a very long time and it puzzles me as to why women put up with any kind of abuse whether it be verbal, physical, mental or emotional. NO human being is worth another’s company when abuse is present. EVER!

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