Zuzu’s sick

The girls came back from OKC with runny noses, but that had cleared up by yesterday. This afternoon, however, I noticed Zuzu felt warm and running a fever. By 9 pm tonight, she was still warm and starting to act like she didn’t feel well. Her eyes were heavy, she was staying pretty still, but she was also breathing pretty heavy. I put my hand on her chest and it felt like her heart was racing. Eric looked up the normal heart rate for children her age, timed her heart beat, and we decided she was okay.

This baby has never been sick really. Not even an ear infection. To see her acting like she doesn’t feel well and not her usual happy, playful self is pretty startling. But the thought running through my mind tonight was a most likely irrational worry that she’d wake up in the morning with no hearing or something.

My point: we both worry about Zuzu differently than we do Katie. No surprise, right? It’s always upsetting when you’re kid is sick, but there’s just always already the chance that it might be something more with Zuzu. Eric said he worried something was wrong with her heart before remembering we had that checked out already. Maybe it’s because I made her ophthalmology appointment today and I’ve been thinking about the other doctor’s appointments she has coming up, but for some reason, I worried about her ears. After seeing a few weeks ago an elementary school-age girl at the mall play area who couldn’t walk without help and could really only crawl, I got a little freaked. We still have a ways to go with our baby’s gross motor skills.

But anyways, she’ll be fine. I’m sure. I just needed to get that off my chest.


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