“Did Zuzu go to bed yet?” and other attempts to get a cookie

We schedule Zuzu’s therapy sessions while Katie is in pre-k to avoid Katie stealing the spotlight while Elsa tries to work with the baby. I found out Katie didn’t have school this past Friday during our session, so I decided to try to distract Katie by having her help me make cookies.

Two lone cookies remain in the kitchen and both girls know exactly where they are. They’ve both tried multiple times to get cookies and this morning, neither of them are happy that we won’t give them the cookies. Zuzu lured me into the kitchen, only to point to the cookies and then throw a tantrum, going limp on the floor, when I wouldn’t let her have it. Katie keeps asking for a cookie, and she’s barely eaten anything else the past two days. So no cookies.

I finally told the girls that the last two cookies would be their afternoon snack after Zuzu wakes up from her nap. Right now, it’s way too early for Zuzu’s nap. Nonetheless, Katie has started asking, “Can Zuzu go to bed?” “Has Zuzu woken up from her nap yet?” and, “Did Zuzu go to bed yet?” even though Zuzu is still sitting right there in front of her.

Smart, smart girls, these two.

These are the moments (like when Zuzu puts her nose right on the corner in time out) that are too cute and funny to keep a straight face.


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