Today’s “struggle” in the Martin household

Yesterday afternoon, the girls did some painting. This morning, Katie wanted to write her name on one of her masterpieces. This is her own writing, without any help AT ALL. She threw a fit, however, when I tried to convince her that her name is spelled “K, A, T, I, E,” and not “K, T, I, A.” (also, that “S” is actually “Zuzu’s Z”). I’m proud she’s writing her letters, which is something they work on a lot in pre-k. I just didn’t think it would be such a struggle to convince her how to spell her name. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering she just now accepts that she has a last name, that’s she’s “Katie Martin” and not “Just Katie!” like she so adamantly insisted last fall.

More of Katie’s recent artwork:

Katie drew this apple and traced her hand.

After watching Chuggington, a show about trains, Katie declared she wanted to draw a she did.

Our other artist at work:

She insisted on painting, too. Zuzu’s finished peice:

Just in case you’re wondering why I took a picture of this, it’s not just to share with our family in OK. I want her therapist to see it because it worries me; the painting is all clustered on the left side. I tried drawing Zuzu’s attention to the right side- that’s why there are  big clumps of paint on the right side and the marker squiggles on the first picture are my own- but it didn’t work. She wouldn’t use her right hand or keep painting over there- she didn’t even notice the right side of the paper unless I pointed it out. This makes me anxious for her ophthalmology appointment next month. I don’t know what to expect, and Zuzu has gotten better about crossing hemispheres, reaching over to the right side, keeping her right hand open and using her right hand, but we have a long way to go before she’s balanced out and using each side equally.

But, in good Zuzu news, she’s been hiking up a leg (either leg, not just left or right) like she’s going to push to standing more.  Like here, after she woke up from her nap yesterday and Katie and I were playing with her (I was secretly trying to get her to pull to standing):

And then, last night, she was going from sitting to standing when she was trying to grab something on the couch while sitting in her chair:

At this moment, all is well in the Martin household. It’s time for Team Umizoomi (Zuzu just let out an excited, “Brrrr!” and dove toward the television). If only that kitchen would clean itself…

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