Racoons are, in fact, deceptively cute

Our man on the scene, Eric Martin, caught our little (rabid?) nighttime visitor in action last night.

I was asleep when this all went down. Eric tried to show me the pictures, but I didn’t want nightmares so I waited until morning to look at them. I don’t know why I was expecting some vicious, foaming-from-the-mouth beastly thing.

I’m laughing right now because Eric said it scared him the first night he was awake when the racoon showed up. We close the lid tight on that bin of dog food, so it had to cause quite a bit of ruckus, and Eric sits right by the patio door in the evenings.

I asked Eric this morning if the racoon seemed at all bothered by him standing there, taking pictures (there’s a lot more), and Eric said he seemed nervous at first.

“But then he was like, screw it, I’m hungry, and just kept scooping food out.”

Famous last words, I suppose.


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