Las Vegas debriefing

I am happy to be home with my kiddos, but…yeah. I kinda miss Vegas. I think you’ll get an idea of how I spent my time there by these pictures (soaking in all the scenery), minus the whole day Friday in the spa (which was quite the experience)…and the two-three hours stewing in my hotel room, waiting for Eric to get back from his meetings and golf Friday night. Hey, I don’t gamble, don’t care to learn, so I didn’t hit the casino floor until Eric was there to tell me how things worked Saturday night…I made up for my idle Friday afternoon by walking up and down the strip with Eric that night and all day Saturday. My legs let me know it, too, for the next 72 hours.

In Vegas, there are these people standing on the corners, wearing brightly colored t-shirts over their day clothes, with “HOT SEXXY GIRLS” emblazoned on the front, handing out cards for hookers, and they snap them against the stack of cards in their hands two or three times before shoving them in your face and at your waist as you walk by. It drove me crazy when we were walking around. And right now, my computer and wordpress are both driving me crazy. So I apologize that I couldn’t fix some of the pictures so they wouldn’t show up sideways.

Also- our meals were mostly catered by the hotel, but we received a stipend to cover our other meals. Besides Nobhill Tavern (again, heavenly), we also ate at Holstein’s. Talk about a delicious burger- holy moly! We shared a Bulgogi Burger that was to die for…

Thanks, Eric’s company, for the trip. It was really, really amazing and much needed. We’re having a hard time recouping afterwards. We’ll stick around for the 25th anniversary celebration, fo’ sho’.


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas debriefing

  1. Cool! Thanks for telling me. I’ll check it out, because I think it would be beautiful. They had lots of floors at Aria that were just gorgeously tiled. Wish I had gotten pictures of them all.

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