Bluebonnets and my two beautiful girls

I took advantage of the overcast morning today to load the girls up and head to Ennis and the bluebonnet trails.  Worried about losing the light and hitting the mid-day sun, I didn’t even shower or brush my teeth- I just got the girls dressed, grabbed some snacks, my camera, and my cup of coffee and headed out. It was totally worth the hour drive and I filled my memory card. Almost as soon as you get past downtown Dallas in I-45, the sides of the road are covered in bluebonnets, patches of primrose, and a few specks of Indian paintbrush. We made two stops, one closer to Palmer, Texas, before we headed into Ennis and found the second spot. There are expansive fields of bluebonnets but the problem was finding a safe spot to park and then pose for pictures. The Ennis Visitor’s Bureau recommends a stretch near some of the town’s schools and the sides of the roads were absolutely thick with bluebonnets- but no place to stop. So, I turned around and came back to the last little field that I saw, which was probably a couple acres worth near the entrance of an old cemetery (Andrea, if you check this, the patch we last stopped at was right before you turn onto Jeter Road on the left or south side of Ennis Road). I think I got the best pictures there. It was quite breezy and I never knew how fragrant those little flowers are.

Here are a just a few of the pictures I edited:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I might see if Eric’s up for the drive this weekend and try to get some pictures of the girls in the twilight. Or, scope out spots in Plano and Richardson that I’ve heard have big fields. Either way, it was worth the little day trip (and Ennis is a pretty cute town, too). More info on the bluebonnet trails here in North Texas at this site.


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