A little birthday wish ;)

So, I have this 32nd birthday coming up. And, hopefully a trip for our tenth anniversary to Jamaica this summer (just gotta buy the tickets!). I’m thinking it would be soooo fabulous to be able to take my beach/hammock reading with me on this lovely little thing, perhaps as a birthday present? What a wonderful way to avoid weighing down my luggage with paperbacks, don’t you think? If anyone thinks these are a waste, I’d love to know. But I think it’d be great. Just in case anyone was wondering…*ahem, cough, cough, hint, hint*


3 thoughts on “A little birthday wish ;)

  1. 😉 two minds thinking alike…??
    you almost had one for Christmas but I forgot to drop questionable hints 🙂

  2. Just be careful with the sand on the beach. Reading on the beach seems very romantic, but the sand gets into everything. Whether book or reading gadget, it will never be the same.

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