Zuzu update: Tomorrow is her neurology follow-up and…

A few minutes ago, I walked away from Zuzu to sit back down at the computer. I left her in front of the girls’ open sock drawer, emptying it like she often does. Next thing I know, Zuzu had crawled up to me, handing me a pair of her socks and a matching pair of her shoes. Her OT has been very pleased with the progress she’s made, and we’re working on strengthening her little leg muscles. But, the OT likes what she sees: Zuzu hikes one leg up often, like she’s going to stand up, she plays while kneeling, and she’s getting more and more confident standing herself up and setting herself back down. We still have some work to do countering her hyperflexible joints: her lower legs over-extend, making it harder for her to bend her knees and carry weight lowering herself, so it’s easier for her to just collapse then ease herself down.

So, tomorrow is her neurology follow-up, and I feel good about it. Lots of good stuff to tell the doctor, and I’m eager to hear his advice. We have a week of doctor’s appointments: Neuro tomorrow, ophthalmology Monday, 18 month (18 MONTHS ALREADY!) check-up on Thursday. This Friday is her Speech consult with ECI, and I’m hoping we start seeing a SLP because, as her OT says, her reception is sky-high. We just need to work on her expression (and even there, we’re all slowly learning more baby signs).

As I finishing up this post, taking pictures of Zuzu playing, she crawled to the couch where Katie was sitting and pulled herself up. She even moved one leg and kinda-sorta cruised on the couch for second…but that darn hyper-extended knee ended it.

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