Day 3: It’s A Beautiful Day

When Cheryl and I spent a week in NYC 7-ish years ago, I was terrified of flying. Terrified. I hadn’t done it much at that point (I only flew for the first time at 17) and I was convinced I was going to die en route to the Big Apple.

But then, the morning of our flight out of DFW, I heard this song. And I just knew we’d be okay. We also ended up sitting next to a pilot on the plane who was so stoic about the whole thing, especially after I told him about my fears, that I took that as another sign from God that things would be cool.

Even now, if I hear those antsy, prancing opening chords of the song, I reach over and immediately turn it way, way up and get a little tingle of happiness up my spine. I also love in the video the visual and aural pairing of the airplanes landing and taking off at the airport with the momentum of the music (GAWD, music videos are a lost art!). Flying still makes me anxious, but isn’t the electricity at an airport a wonderful symbol of the way life is constantly ongoing, of it’s exits and entrances? I’m sure flying becomes routine to some, but for me, it’s a rarity and marks extraordinary events in my life; if you’re flying, you’re going somewhere else. And then, you get to come back! Lyrically, of course, the song is a good reminder that despite everything, life is good. So, the song that makes me happy is U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day.”


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