Out of order, Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone

My freshman year of college, the Rolling Stones played at Owen Field (since renamed) just a few steps from my dorm in Couch Center at OU. My mom got tickets for our family. We sat in the upper deck (the only upper deck at the time) on a frosty November night, far, far away from the stage. Thoroughly schooled in the Beatles, I was a rookie in the Rolling Stones. When this song came on, a staple of every movie on the Vietnam War, I said for the first of many times that night, “I didn’t know this was their song.” So the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” reminds me of my sweet, happy mom, dancing atop Owen Field, with my dad, forever the wet blanket, sitting down next to her, and me, dumbstruck at all the music I didn’t know the Stones made. I decided to jump around the order of the 30-day challenge because Mom is on her way right now to visit us here in Dallas. And, as Easter weekend, it just didn’t seem right to play the song that makes me sad (that’s about as openly religious as I get these days).


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