Katie’s last day of pre-k +

Friday was Katie’s last day of three year-old pre-k and I thought I was fine until I dropped her off and nearly broke down into full-throated sobs. They had sent home her extra clothes and an end-of-the-year gift on Wednesday (which the first time I nearly broke down), but knowing it was the last day of her first year of school just killed me. I can’t believe she’s almost four.

They try to keep the kids in the same cohort in the early childhood schools, so she’ll be around familiar faces in the fall. I’m not sure if that means she’ll have the same teachers; the school is divided into “neighborhoods” and I think she just moves into the next classroom in her neighborhood where she already knows the teachers. When Zuzu and I showed up for their end of year party, the teachers were weepy from saying goodbye to the four year-olds heading to kindergarten in the fall but excited to see their three year-olds again in August. I got a picture of Katie with her teachers, and she didn’t want to leave school; as usual, she didn’t want to say goodbye to them either…you’ll see it in her expression in the picture.

The indoor picnic (it was screaming hot outside)

Sorry for another sideways picture!

Zuzu was excited to Katie

Sister love 🙂

My girls

She just didn't want to say goodbye...so her teachers said, "See you later!" This picture makes me tear up.

I just love this school and the people there…although the other parents and caretakers are a little, dare I say, anti-social? Remembering my experience with the mothers at the rec center last fall who were either too put together to have that many children and be civil to a stranger or stand-offish at my suggestion for pre-k, that’s pretty much par for the course here in Plano so far. It certainly doesn’t help me fall in love with Texas but it does help me see how hard it is to meet new people after college.

Boston, please, oh, please, get back to me soon…I’m seriously antsy these days for something to just happen…

In other news, I had to get the girls to bed alone the other night when Eric had to go back into work. I was in the living room with the girls and tried to get on video Zuzu playing with a baby doll and giving it some serious lovin.’ I failed, but she noticed I had the camera and wanted me to take pictures of her. When I asked her if she’d smile if I did, she nodded her head yes…and these were the pictures I got:

Then, she got all shy for the camera when her therapist was here the next day. Silly girl.


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