Filling the summer

After taking the girls swimming at our apartment complex pool last week, I decided it makes me too nervous. Zuzu refuses to come in the water, patting the sidewalk when I try to grab her as if to say, “No, I’m fine, right here.” She gets really nervous when I do grab her and carry her around in the water and I find I get overstimulated, looking back and forth between the girls making sure one hasn’t fallen in (on a related note, Katie starts swimming lessons in two weeks).

Today, to minimize my anxiety so I could actually enjoy myself, I found a local splash pad, slathered the girls up, and headed out for some fun in the heat. I was pretty much the only mom in the water with the kids. The other parents sat under the awning, watching, or circling their kiddos playing in water. I kept thinking, “What’s the point? If I can get out here in my swimsuit, you can, too, ladies.” Then again, they looked the way I feel every time we’re at the indoor playground in the mall: bored out of their minds.

But I had fun splashing around with the girls. Zuzu enjoyed the water, too, until she got hungry and kept making the sign to “eat.” Katie wasn’t happy to leave, but it was time. We will be back to this spot, because, unlike our apartment’s pool, the water won’t be lukewarm by the end of the month or mostly bodily fluids and booze from other residents’ weekend parties. Plus, it’s free! Winning!

She got a little upset after a stream of water landed on her head.


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