Wednesday sugar: It’s been awhile…

They don’t call them the dog days of summer for nothing. We’re hangin’ in down here in sweltering Dallas, counting the days ’til we head to Jamaica for our tenth anniversary. I’ve been busy shuttling Katie to her math class and, this week, her swimming lessons (cutest! thing! ever!). In the meantime, some cuteness to get you through the rest of the week:

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I reached a breaking point recently on my career choice, doing some serious soul-searching in the process. I’m at the end of my rope with the job search and instead of prostrating myself at the feet of search committees everywhere this coming year (I sent out 80- that’s right, EIGHTY- job apps this year. I am not exaggerating), I’m going to step back, apply selectively, and focus on my writing–> this part will be a huge challenge. For me, writing necessitates blocks of time to concentrate and settle into the groove of the act, which is a sacred process for me that requires I block out distractions and let my thought processes, as nonlinear as they may be, move and circulate as they may. No, this does not work with two little kids around. If I can’t have an uninterrupted adult conversation with my husband after he gets home from work, I can’t sit for 30-45 minutes spurts, uninterrupted and focused.

We’re entertaining a few options so that I can do this. My sanity hinges on their success. Really. One option is Mother’s Day Out for Zuzu- who needs the experience, the colds, and the socialization anyways- but matching the girls’ school schedules almost wipes out any time for me to write if Zuzu goes only one day a week. Our next idea is hiring a college student to nanny the girls two to three mornings a week and pay her hourly. I think this is our best bet…except we’re looking to buy a house, possibly in another school district that may not admit Katie into their pre-k program, which changes my plan drastically…

One problem at a time. I’ll just tackle one problem at a time…


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