Midweek sugar: Phantom boo-boo edition

It was another late night for Eric yesterday, so after he came home for a quick dinner, I set the girls up in the living room to fall asleep. At one point, I zoned out, only to hear Katie tell Zuzu, “No, no!” followed by a swatting noise. I looked over at the girls to see Zuzu rubbing her left eyebrow and slowly crumbling into tears.

When I realized that Katie had smacked Zuzu over the head with her sippy cup, I swooped in and scooped Zuzu up to calm her down. Rather than jump all over Katie, I slowly pried out of her sorta what happened and she admitted that she had hit her sister. Why she did it, I don’t know but, true to form, she felt horrible about it and burst into tears as she apologized and hugged Zuzu.

Then, I turned my attention to Zuzu. Keep in mind that at the moment, Zuzu is in the boo-boo cover phase. If she sees or comes across a band-aid, she points to her knee, over and over, until we put comply. I’m amazed at how many bandaids we seem to have sitting around. If I ask her where her boo-boo is, she points to her knee- and it’s always her knee. And she always insists on a bandaid.

But last night, I knew for certain her boo-boo was located on her head, not her leg. So I asked her where her boo-boo was so I could kiss it. And, sure enough, with her big, pouty bottom lip, she still pointed to her knee. It just about killed me, it was so adorable. Who knew sibling combat could be so cute?

More often than not, though, the girls play together beautifully and look like this:

Our little fairies: This one will be on our wall.

Not sure what’s up with Katie’s mutant eye ball in that last picture. The red-eye removal button didn’t work so well on picasa. I’m at a point with the girls where I want to soak in their relationship with one another so I can remember how much they love each other now when they’re fighting like cats and dogs in a few years.


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