For the girls: Jamaica!

I want the girls to see what we’re seeing while we’re here in Jamaica, lest anyone question why I am on the internet. Besides, I may be able to get some writing done this week…and that is blissful.

We’re at the resort where we spent our honeymoon tens years ago, almost to the day. It was a long, tiring day of travel before arriving here in Negril that began at 3 am Sunday morning. Even after arriving in Montego Bay, we still had to drive another hour or so to the resort. At that point, I was in no mood for the driver who liked “being jovial,” as he put it, with his customers. I just wanted him to shut up and get us to our hotel. Plus, Eric wasn’t feeling good and even broke out into a cold sweat at some point on the drive. But finally, we arrived, and the minute we got out of the van in the main house of Swept Away, I got so excited again: it smelled the same way, felt the same way I remembered ten years ago. It is still as beautiful as I remember.

But of course, our life is different now: we have Katie and Zuzu. And there was no way we could go six days with speaking to them- ten years ago, we only talked by phone to our parents briefly and it cost us something like $30 to do it (money well-spent). Now, the resort has wifi in certain areas, so I can post these pictures to the blog and we just finished gmail video chatting with them at my in-laws’ house. Earlier today, a couple was in the computer room, skyping with their kids. It makes it easier to be away.

A thought while I was uploading these photos: Ten years ago, I took all the pictures on film, and those pictures are in our wedding guest book somewhere. Funny how much technology has changed since then. Funny how much our lives have changed since then: we’ve moved from Oklahoma City after the wedding, to Norman, to Cedar Rapids, to Dallas. We’ve gotten three degrees, we’ve taken in and given away some pets, and most importantly, we’ve had Katie and Zuzu. As Regina drove away to take them to Oklahoma, I started crying; my whole life was in that car. Knowing they made it safe and sound and enjoy themselves with our parents make this week possible. Seriously.

But as Eric and I looked over our room last night after arriving, we stood on the patio, taking in the view from our upgraded room (the upgrade was free!). I told him I was just so happy to be back here with him. And that hasn’t changed in ten years.

So, for the girls. You can click on the image for a larger picture:

I’ll upload more through the week. Have a good night, girls. Sleep tight. Mommy and Papa love you 🙂


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