Katie’s first day of 4 year-old pre-k! (Mommy says, “WOOHOO!”)

We were super excited for school! I can’t wait for structured days, and Katie was looking forward to going back to school.

After taking pictures of Katie, Zuzu crawled over to the couch to get in on the action. Perhaps Katie was getting a taste of her own medicine, since she always worms into pictures of Zuzu…

Sister love!

Outside of school…we’re still excited! But it’s bright outside…

Now, we’re NOT excited. We found out we weren’t in our old teacher’s class anymore…but we weren’t nearly as upset as the kid screaming and slobbering at the classroom door window who just!wanted!his!mommy! Katie’s teacher had to block the door with her hip to keep the kid from running out of the room; we had to take the escape hatch into the room from the class next door.

I’m leaving right now to pick Katie up from the bus…pleaseohplease let them put her on the right bus…I am majorly anxious that Katie’ll be cruising on some random bus around Plano in about ten minutes…


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