Another genius child/Goodbyes as bittersweet reminders

Note: I wrote this yesterday…

Our OT from the past year told us last week that her last visit with us would be today, which was our one-year assessment on Zuzu’s progress. Elsa accepted a position with another company and it’s undeniably a great opportunity for her. I’m not alone in my sadness that she’s leaving; our SLP and case manager are all very upset about it. I was an absolute wreck at Z’s one-year assessment today as we said good-bye and thirty minutes later I’m still having a hard time keeping it together.

I finally realized what upsets me so much about Elsa leaving: she represents how much progress my baby has made since we began working with ECI one year ago. But, particularly after my conversations with Elsa and our case manager Sarah, it’s also a reminder that my child is not whole. We have years to go before Zuzu may be just like the other kids. We talked about adding PT to Zuzu’s therapy regimen and preparations for Zuzu to “transition” to PPCD next year when she turns three and she qualifies for pre-k based on her delays. We talked more about what to expect next week when Zuzu visits Texas Scottish Rite and when she receives orthotics. They described how orthotics have come a long way since the contraptions kids like Forest Gump had to wear…I’m not overwhelmed, but every now and then, it just hits me what we’ve been through with Zuzu.

The bright spot? The therapists complimented our involvement with Zuzu’s development, telling us how difficult it was to work with some of their clients’ parents. It’s unimaginable to me to not be involved with Z’s therapy, and sometimes I think things happened the way they have, in terms of my job search, for a reason. Neither of us have to worry about taking off work or missing out on all these things with Zuzu- or Katie, for that matter. But Elsa paid me a wonderful compliment, telling me that I was a the best mother for Zuzu. All I can hope is to do my best by my children.

During the course of our yearly assessments with Zuzu’s therapists the past week, Zuzu comes out way, way ahead in every area except gross motor. Her adaptive and cognitive skills are spot-on for her age, and her social/emotional development is at 29 months. That’s in addition to her cognitive development, which is at 26 months (she’s only 22 months old). It makes me so proud of her, of both my girls, for exactly who they are: my beautiful, sweet, sassy, loving, snuggly little girls.

Geez, here I go again, getting all teary…


2 thoughts on “Another genius child/Goodbyes as bittersweet reminders

  1. That is a lot to absorb with all the evaluations. And a lot ahead. But the progress is quite noticeable. Big hugs for a great mom, dad, and sister who have “been there!”

  2. You and Eric will always do your best for your children, they are very lucky girls…sweet, sassy and beautiful just like their Mommy!

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