Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, Visit #1

So, it’s done…and not without a bit of frustration. Texas Scottish Rite focuses solely on pediatric orthopedic conditions and it was a rigorous process to even be seen at the hospital. They saw all of Zuzu’s medical records and notes from ECI before admitting her to be seen. Our therapists at ECI have said that a number of their patients have been turned away lately. It was surprising, then, when the orthopedist seemed to be talking us away from braces…and any other form of therapy, for that matter. He seemed to be insisting that, in time, Zuzu’s delays would correct themselves. After the progress we’ve seen in the past year with the help of ECI, I couldn’t disagree more.

He picked up on that and I told him that our therapists, pediatrician, and I would all be surprised if we left the hospital that day without braces for Zuzu. But really, I was just confused (though I made my point eventually), he wasn’t entirely clear, and at the end of the visit, he still sent us down to the orthotics clinic where, as you can see from the pictures, she was fitted for braces. We got what we came for, and in three weeks, we return to pick them up.

…Watch out, world- the cutest little girl will be sportin’ her little braces on her adorable little ankles in a few weeks…!!!


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