Halloween 2011, etc.

Sorry for the delay, family members ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a fantastic time on Halloween:

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And, in a matter of hours, we will have a house under contract here in Dallas. I kinda had the freak-out moment last night-not that we were buying the wrong house, but that I was committing to Dallas on a whole new level. That’s a little bittersweet. Or maybe I’m just used to being in a perpetual state of uncertainty since we left Iowa three years ago, never knowing what my job situation would be, and the stability (God willing) is what is so unusual.

I have to say that at the same time I feel extremely grateful to be in the position to buy this house, much less any home. It’s double the size of anything Eric and I have ever lived in together, with double the kitchen, double the bedrooms, double the bathrooms…I feel ostentatious to be buying this home, even though it will be rather modest by Plano standards. I’m excited that we’ll have a spare bedroom for our family to sleep in while they visit (this is another first, really, since the girls were born), a yard for a girls to play in (as rustic as the yard may be currently), and a nice neighborhood to enjoy. This is a tremendous milestone for Eric and me. I want the world to know that I do not take it for granted, that I recognize how fortunate we are, and how humbled I am that we can take this step…even if it means it’s not where I thought we would be three years ago. ย Here’s to the future, whatever it may hold!



7 thoughts on “Halloween 2011, etc.

  1. Gorgeous girls ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Zuzu’s costume. You’re a fine seamstress.

    Congrats on the house! That’s so exciting, even if you will be in Texas. (Yes, I still hate TX b/c of that asshat.) Best wishes, MA!

  2. Congratulations from me too on the house MA! I know, well I’ve not experienced it, but it has to have been difficult for you guys in a small apartment the past three years. However, Eric has worked hard and so have you to make this happen right now! Your gratitude comes through loud and clear, and that’s really sweet. I’m very, very happy for all of you. What a welcome change this will be. Big Hugs!!!

    • Thanks, Judy! We are so very fortunate…but we’ve come a long way, too. I won’t forget that, ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs your way!

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