Friday sugar

Watching big sister play outside today. No, she wasn’t very happy about it. But then big sister got in big trouble for going too far down the street with her bff…

Our angel during a breathing treatment.

Check this out, Nana: I didn’t believe it the first time, but the second and third times she put these button puzzles together, perfectly matching the colors every time…I believed 😉


One thought on “Friday sugar

  1. Yay, Zuzu!!!!!! I got it out when we were there. She got distracted, but I was pleased that she could handle the buttons. Was afraid they would be too tight. Glad to see her matching. But not surprised. I’m anxious to get out our old Lite Brite. Not sure about the papers that go with it. The lights are so small, I have left it in the “box closet” out of sight. Nana

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