The calendar

Looking at my calendar while thinking ahead a wee bit:

Next week- yes, NEXT week- I register Katie for kindergarten. I might need an anti-depressant to keep it together that day. I just can’t believe it. Really.

And a mere six months away, Zuzu turns three. This will be no regular birthday. At three, our sweet girl ages out of the early childhood intervention services that have provided her with the therapy she’s received. In August, we start meeting with the school district for assessment to see if she qualifies for the preschool that will ensure she continues therapy.

Besides the fact that my kiddo is getting older, why does this make me so anxious? Because she’s progressing so much lately, I’m worried she WON’T qualify for PPCD and fall into a services gap between her 3rd birthday and kindergarten. That’s nearly three years and I don’t want to lose ground on all the amazing, mind-blowing progress she’s made with the help of our therapists.

I’ve talked to her therapists about this and they all say my worries are well-founded: They’ve all seen kids fall into the cracks because they don’t have any *educational* needs at three, despite requiring further therapy that only private insurance can provide. It’s very likely that that may be Zuzu, even though she will definitely need further work to fine-tune her gross and fine motor skills and her language development.

I’ve also discussed a few other things with our therapists the past few days, some things we’ll have to keep an eye on with Zuzu. It’s nothing I’m terribly worried about, just some glitchy things that Zuzu does that could be two year-old behavior or…not. We have neurology and opthalmology appointments coming up that may provide some answers.


2 thoughts on “The calendar

  1. I completely feel you. I worry about this with Jane too, though she is about a year younger than Zuzu.
    Thanks for sharing all this on your blog! Hoping for positive and conclusive news from the upcoming opthamology and neurology appointments.

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