Allow me to pat myself on the back

The garden is doing great! I worry constantly though, and oscillate between exhilaration that I’ll have loads and loads of tomatoes to can and slice and eat and cook with soon and despair that they may not make it off the vine or go bad before I can do what I want with them. I finally got the hot and bell pepper seedlings and the final roma and San Marzano seedlings in the ground. I sprayed the peppers and some of the other plants with an epsom salt mixture…now I worry that I mixed it too strong or that there’s remnant of herbicide from the last time we used the sprayer years ago. And last: we put cages around most of the tomatoes tonight. I have no idea if the cages will help or hurt my plants. But if I see my plants begin to wilt, those babies are coming off.

…I also wanted to fool around with my new camera. I’m still getting used to a new lens.

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2 thoughts on “Allow me to pat myself on the back

  1. MA,
    I’m very happy to see your garden growing so beautifully! You have access to a great resource in Fred. I bet he is proud of you as well. I certainly am and you will have food that you will have not had to purchase, regardless of the amount of the yield from your garden. And, you will introduce your children to vine-ripened tomatoes! As we know, there is nothing better. Keep up the great work. Love the pictures and your enthusiasm for the growing of food. I would love to do more myself, but my knee and back put serious dampers on how much I can take care of and handle. Anything is better than none! When it’s gets closer to harvest, I will tell you about my mom’s “tomato juice” that was a lot like homemade V-8 (only better and thicker) and we used it in everything.

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