Your daily outrage: Kids serving a thirteen year sentence?

Listen. I love school. I love being in it. I love learning. And minus the shitty people and shitty politics, it’s a wonderful thing, from pre-k straight through graduate school.

BUT- we’re staring kindergarten right in the face at the moment, and I keep thinking, God, this is it. This is the next THIRTEEN years- at the least- for Katie. All day. Almost every day. That’s longer than a lot of people stay married. I was in school, with the exception of one year, until I was 31. Chew on that for a minute. And I LOVE school.

Then I read things like this, about a school district in Missouri randomly drug testing any student involved in extracurricular activities or who parks on school grounds. Really?

People of Missouri: this is hardly small government, folks. When did our children become inmates serving a thirteen year sentence? No wonder so many kids hate school.


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