One step forward, one step back

The past few days, I thought I noticed a regression in Zuzu’s strength and use of her weak right side. She’s clutching her right arm again and, again, her gait has a more pronounced limp to it. Our OT confirmed she’s noticed it, too. The crazy thing is, we’ve simultaneously seen her language skills and personality explode. Again. She’s acting and talking more like a 3 year-old.

One step forward, one step back. The developmental trade-off is tiring. This marathon is wearing me down right now. Any regression worries me deeply. Sadly, I think three days at Mother’s Day Out may not be helping, because the teachers just love her to pieces and consequently, she really gets babied. And she’s so good at going the easy route and compensating with her strong left side, we can’t let her right side weakness slide. Starting PPCD, where their job will be to work on her delays, will change that. She might hate it, but for my motivationally challenged yet exceptionally bright child, she requires it.


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