Battle stations!

Zuzu’s assessment for PPCD with the school district has been scheduled for the end of August. In preparation, her SLP and I went through the standardized assessment Early Childhood Intervention uses in case we have any problems with the school district. In other words, if the school district says she’s assessing at or above her … Continue reading

On Mad Men and marriage

The Mad Men season finale aired this evening and while I’m wringing my hands wondering how long it’ll take before we see the next season, I finally had an epiphany regarding the gender representations on the show. First, some background: What I find so refreshing, compelling, provocative, and engaging about Mad Men is not the … Continue reading

She’s a kindergartener now

My heart hurts. Yes, she’s wearing the same dress today that she wore the first day of the year. She’s grown so much, I thought it’d be a good measuring stick. And now, summer!

Allow me to pat myself on the back

The garden is doing great! I worry constantly though, and oscillate between exhilaration that I’ll have loads and loads of tomatoes to can and slice and eat and cook with soon and despair that they may not make it off the vine or go bad before I can do what I want with them. I … Continue reading

Zuzu’s “Spring Sing” at preschool was this morning. She did GREAT! And by great, I mean she stood there, quietly, nice and still, with her hands folded on her tummy, completely unperturbed or impressed with any of it…until they tried to send the little kids back to their classroom to play after singing “Hot Potato.” … Continue reading